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New Zealand Locksmith Association

New Zealand Locksmiths number amongst some of the best in the world. We have different specialties, different locations different tools and diffferent skills. But between us all we can support almost any security situation that you may need help with !

The New Zealand Locksmith Association supports locksmiths throughout New Zealand and helps them be better prepared to meet your needs with locks and keys.
The Association does not maintain our own premises and phones. We are each involved in our own Locksmith Businesses so we ask that you email us with any enquires or use the Find a Locksmith page to be linked directly to the details of a locksmith near you!

If you have a security PROBLEM, then we have the security SOLUTION!

New Zealand Locksmiths Association

Email Address: admin@nzlocks.co.nz

Look for a locksmith who cares about providing good locksmiths services.
Our members will display our logo somewhere on their shop, van or advertising.

We are members of: New Zealand Locksmiths Association